Meeting Rooms


The Gallery exists for when work cannot be avoided. We know you're the kind of person who can mix business and pleasure seamlessly. And so, we do the same. The Gallery takes you straight to the club's Business Center which is equipped with the latest business tools, like an interactive projector and LED screens. This section also takes you directly to the Meeting Rooms Platino, Oro, Plata and Bronce.With this convenient structure, we're sure you can get business done quickly. So that pleasure can commence once again.

Social and Sports at the Banquet

The Banquet has indoor and outdoor venues for every social gathering. For kiddie parties and weddings, there’s the Grand Ballroom. For meetings in a relaxed setting, there’s the Gallery. And for special events under the sun or beneath the stars, you can choose from the Verde Events Lawn, Kiddie Pool Deck, Tennis Deck, and Garden Deck.

But this being the Village Sports Club, the Banquet takes its purpose to a higher level. The Banquet is also designed to heighten one's sporting experience.

With vast spaces made for invigorating company and school sports fests. With facilities ideal for exhilarating professional sports exhibitions and tournaments.

Workshops find a home at the Banquet, too. We have indoor settings fully-equipped for classroom-type fundamentals training sessions. After which, hands-on learning can take place in a multiple choice of outdoor fields and accommodations.

Gatherings from socials to sports come together at the Village Sports Club.


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