Bowling Alley


If bowling is right up your alley, then you’ll have a ball at our Qubica AMF® 8-lane bowling area. Equipped with the latest Bowling Entertainment Scoring System and Touch Screen consoles, plus, Qubica AMF® house balls and shoes. Now that is how you roll.

Bowling Guidelines

  • Children eight (8) years old & under should be accompanied by an adult
  • Please observe proper dress code. Swim suits, slippers, spiked shoes are not allowed.
  • Please use the prescribed bowling shoes. It should be worn with socks.
  • Please refrain from using aerosols, talcum powder, pumice, resin or other substance. These are strictly prohibited on the approach.
  • Please keep hands away from the ball return and ball return tray. The ball return has moving parts. 
  • Serious injury can result from reaching into the ball return opening.
  • Please show lane courtesy (wait for the bowler to your right to deliver his/her ball if you're both bowling at about the same time).
  • Please do not loft or bounce your ball.
  • The Club will not assume responsibility for any damage or loss of privately owned bowling balls.
  • Please keep your valuables safe and attended at all times. The club will not be liable for any lost items within the area.
  • Please do not bring pointed objects / deadly weapons in all areas of VSC.
  • Please do not smoke in all areas of VSC.
  • The member is responsible for the Visitor's conduct and activity at the Club.
  • The Club reserves the right to eject guests or visitors who violate Club policies and house rules at any given time.
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