You've never really played basketball until you've played with us. Using only the FIBA-approved maple flooring for dependable grip and traction to professional b-ballers' footwear, our basketball court will surely inspire you to dunk like an MVP.

P.A.G. Wellness Pavilion Guidelines  

  • Please wear rubber soled athletic shoes in the P.A.G. Wellness Pavilion. Please do not use street shoes (high heels, leather shoes). Track spikes, skateboards, in-line skates are also not allowed in the P.A.G. Wellness Pavilion.
  • Please exercise proper fitness etiquette. Loud or disorderly conduct is discouraged.
  • Please place all belongings in the locker rooms. The Club will not be liable for any lost items within the area.
  • Please do not bring pointed objects / deadly weapons in all areas of VSC.
  • Please do not smoke in all areas of VSC
  • The member is responsible for the guests' conduct and activity at the Club.
  • The Club reserves the right to eject guests who violate Club policies and house rules at any given time.
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