About VSC

Play Life to the Fullest. 

In today's neck-breaking, nerve-racking fast-paced life, is there still space for play? We at the Village Sports Club make sure there is.

At the heart of Paranaque City, The Village Sports Club is a mecca for Southeners who --despite the challenges of metro living-- believe that life is a sport, and that it should be played by the body in a bout of competition. By the mind, in a splash of recreation. And by the soul, in a spread of relaxation.

We've always supported local athletes. Amateurs, pros, as long as the passion is there –we are ready to fuel that in the spirit of play. That has been our mission for social responsibility since we started out with a cluster of swimming pools in 2009, as we escalated into a full blown sports club in 2011, as we expanded into a sports and leisure haven in 2012.

If you've always wanted to give something better to your body, mind, and soul, then it's about time you played the game of life right. It's about time you became a member of The Village Sports Club.